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little balls of toilet paper hidden in the creases of a skanky girls vag, left over after wiping. sometimes goes with menstual gravy.
Bob: i went downtown on Suzy last night and got a mouthful of cooter biscuits.
Joe: gross! next time tell that nasty skank to wash her junk beforehand.
#nasty #skanky #oral #vagina #toilet paper
by slapphappyseven November 09, 2008
The residue left inside a woman's underwear after vaginal fluid has dried on them.
I couldn't wait to sniff that cooter biscuit she left for me after she read that romance novel.
#vaginal fluid #cooter #biscuit #vaginal biscuit #vaginal discharge
by JohnnyKnoxvilleJackAss March 01, 2011
A Cooter Biscuit is another name for a tampon or pad.
My girlfriend's Aunt Flow is in town with her bags packed, so she asked me to go to the store and get her a box of cooter biscuits.

Guy1: Dude, would you ever sniff a used cooter biscuit?
Guy2: Bro, I got my first red wings after sniffing a cooter biscuit.
#maxi #pad #cooter #biscuit #tampon #cunt
by Jake Murdock September 21, 2014
Mysterious lady parts. Located near the hanoose.
Hey woman, make me a sandwich or I will kick you in the cooter biscuit!
#vagina #cooter #nicole #matt #loves
by Bryce Bessler April 16, 2007
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