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little balls of toilet paper hidden in the creases of a skanky girls vag, left over after wiping. sometimes goes with menstual gravy.
Bob: i went downtown on Suzy last night and got a mouthful of cooter biscuits.
Joe: gross! next time tell that nasty skank to wash her junk beforehand.
by slapphappyseven November 09, 2008
the bloody discharge from a womans vagina during her menstual cycle
i prefer to eat my poonnanny without menstrual gravy
by slapphappyseven November 09, 2008
a woman who claims she is straight and maybe even has a boyfriend, but sometimes gets drunk and has had sex with other women, and then if confrontend about their ambiguous sexuality claims that it doesn't count because they were drunk.
Joe:your girlfriend got drunk last night at the party and fucked my girlfriend. she's a lezzy!
Bob:she says she's not gay, she just does that sometimes when she's drunk.
Joe:yeah, well she's a six-pack lesbian
by slapphappyseven November 09, 2008
something that is extremely tight. so tight in fact that it is compared to a frog pussy which is completely water-tight.
Bob: did you see Willys new ride? that sh*t is tight!
Joe: yeah boy, that sh*t is tighter than frog pussy!
by slapphappyseven November 09, 2008
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