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someone who hangs arround famous cunts looking for autographs
look at you there, hanging arroundfamous cunts looking for autographs, fuck off and leave us alone.
by annonomus August 12, 2003
just a regular ozzie bloke who gets all the roots. need weed give me a call on 0405 010 712
none needed
by gary September 04, 2003
one who walks arround backwards with their dick hanging out, trawling for poofters
i saw you out the front of the brothel when it was closed and doing a coonan
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
a total cunt that looks as if he can be canadian or french. he's self center and cocky and has a small penis. he's some one that will end up alone for ever cause he never gets it in so he hits on every girl he sees. there is also a 98% he's a pedofile and will follow you home in his car.
Speaker A: Hi nice to meet you, i'm Jill.
Speaker B: My name's Mr. Coonan.
Speaker A: fuck....
by thatpistbitch October 18, 2011
Has a high level of immaturity but because of that he is funny. He is a cheesy cunt with a new jumper
You!... Matt!
by Donna August 16, 2003
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