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A gathering or event that promises to be exciting or important, but turns out to be just a bunch of ratchet ass niggas acting a fool.
Guy- "Hey I heard you went to that sick party this weekend."

Girl- "Yeah, but that shit turned out to be a real coon stomp."
by Aliens! November 27, 2013
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1. A phrase used to describe a disappointment or letdown of any kind. 2. the stupid or immature actions of a group of people. 3. not necessarily connected to the racial slur coon.
Guy #1- My whole week has turned into a coon stomp, it seems like nothing has gone right.

Guy #2- That's nothing, yesterday I actually witnessed a bunch of assholes gathered around a raccoon stomping it to death.

Guy #3- Now that's a coon stomp!
by Upoopin? November 29, 2013

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