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the nice tight, moist vagina of an african american girl usually between 100-110 lbs.
although not intended to be a racial phrase, it is rooted in anti-nonchristianity.
by Phil January 27, 2005
N (koon•poon) Coon is a slang term for a black person and poon is a slang term for a pussy, or vagina. The two words combined means a Afro-American Vagina, or a Nigger Pussy.
Oprah Winfreys' overused Coonpoon
by tittsssss January 23, 2012
Coonpoon is basically total bullshit. If something totally uncalled for happens it is called Coonpoon. It is also a racoon's vagina.
Dude the way that Ashlee Simpson sounded at the Orange Bowl was total coonpoon!
by Jeremy March 15, 2005
When one cannot stand up for ones belief or capabilities; a word that gets used to name call weak kids; another version of a wimp, pussy, scaredy cat, chicken, bitch; having no courage or will power to defend ones self. Most Coon Poons tend to be weak and under pressure.
Ashley: Alex flinches every time you pretend to hit him!
Kody: Yeah, 'cause he's a fucking Coon Poon!
Ashley: What a pussy!
Kody: Hahahaha!
by Ashley2oh9 August 07, 2010
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