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a walking, talking LOVE machine. Driven to hump anything that moves! Most likely to be a pornstar.

Sometimes found having sexual relations with his pussy (cat).

NEVER says no.
is the pulling power of any force.

Loves his willy. Can suck his own. 12 inches minus 11 (Also known as a schlort).

Generally nice guy.
Coolbear : hey guys and girls!
Males and Females : oooooooo bear baby, you've tapped my cat.
by Matt Coolbear February 22, 2008
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The Prince Of Poon

Worldwide hero and Poontang lover

Known to be the best wingman, can get anyone he wants and is kind enough to share with his friends.

A force to be reckoned with however has a rather unhealthy obsession with tapping cats.
Guy 1: "Man that guy can get anyone, he's definatly a coolbear"

Guy 2: "yeah, thats a prince of poon alright"

Guy 1: "lucky bastard"
by Bingo the Fox September 20, 2008
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