A person everyone publicly despises, but personally enjoys hanging out with.
Joe Rogen is a total coolbag - a dick to most people, but kinda fun to hang out with anyway.
by manfred_spain December 18, 2008
Coolbags: Expression of acceptability or excellence synonymous with excellent, awesome, brilliant etc., when used in the same context.
Josh: I'm getting a new Lexicon reverb for the studio.
Paul: Coolbags! Can't wait to try it out.
by HazenCatteneo March 15, 2011
An individual that everyone personally despises, but pretends to like; because they are somehow popular. See "Saud"
(in private place)
kid #1 - Yo, Justin is the biggest coolbag on the planet.

kid #2 - Dude, I know, right?

(in public place)
Kid #1 - Justin is the coolest kid in the world. He's totally hanging out with us sometime.
kid #2 - Oh, for sure. I love having that kid around.
by argasfdga3 May 21, 2011
a term used to classify someone that tries to act cool but in no way can pull it off

a person who does foolish acts that in their minds may seem cool but in the eyes of everyone else is lame

a person similar to a tool or thinks they are "all that"
-"OMG, Angelika thinks she is cool!"
-"I know he is such a coolbag!"
by OOZE (Jessyie) November 07, 2009

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