Its often used as an adjective to describe a person/object who/which is mind boggling-ly cool. The person described is smart, funny and sometimes totally gorgeous.

Whereas the object to be put simply is just motherfuckingly cool.
Arushi: Woah, love the shoes!
Smriti: Yeah, theyre coolkid shoes

Ohmygod! Jamie is awesome! she is definately a coolkid.
by Selena St.John July 05, 2010
As in, *not* cool kids
Dude: Wow check out those cool kids hanging out by the Bouncy-Bonanza unicorn gum ball machine dispensers!
Dudette: Yeahhhh about them....
by Uncle Reality February 11, 2014
A Cool Kid is someone that thinks they are Cool
" Hey im Cool Kid :D " <.<
by Cunny1g. September 16, 2013
a person who is popular with the retros but not the preppies, a stolen term, a person who is the epitome of coolness.
That girl was such a coolkid, she could hang out with me anytime-A retro
by asupercoolkid February 26, 2011
that one poser kid who thinks that hes so cool and that everyone likes him, but they all bag on him behind his back.
Justin: HEY THERE BEST BUD *goes for high 5*
Nick: wow you're such a cool kid Justin...
by amAZNd00d April 15, 2010
A sarcastic term said in a long tone right after a person has made an awkward comment about his or herself or someone else. Coined by Jack M. of NH.
"Guy1: I sleep with a basketball in my hand to get better at gripping the ball and my ball handling skillz.
Guy2: Cool Kid!!!
by imafrigginOMA1 November 06, 2008
there are 2 ways to use this term:

1. sarcastically when you are talking about someone else. This usually means he/she has ditched an event, because they are too cool or tries REALLY hard to "act" cool. for example: being indian and walking with a limp or obnoxiously telling everyone about how they didn't do their homework last night.

2. jokingly when you are talking about yourself. This usually comes up in a conversation likeee shown in the example box. can also be used to flirt when you use it right.
boy: "why are you wearing such a baggy jacket?"
girl: "cause that's what cool kids do.(;"

boy: "dudeeee i TOTALLY didn't study for this test, i was too busy prestiging in black ops and textingg."
girl: "wowww, whatta cool kid."
by coooolkid.(; December 12, 2010

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