Another name for the drug ecstacy
"Jerry you got the cool beans?"
by Charlie P May 31, 2006
Baked beans in the fridge.
I'm gonna eat me some cool beans.
by B-Drac November 30, 2003
A phrase popularized in the 1980s by U.S. teenage females who were viewers of the American sitcom "Full House." For some yet unknown reason, these persons found the show entertaining and desired to emulate actress Candance Cameron whose character repeated the phrase incessantly on the show.

The phrase then spread like a virus, infecting the vernacular of people of older and younger generations regardless of gender...these people were born without the ability to discern that this phrase was, to put it in the parlance of our current times, "fucking stupid."

Is used to express approval or liking.
Person A: "Hey, its TGIF on ABC tonight! Wanna watch 'Full House?'"

Person B: "Cool beans!"
by Say Again September 24, 2007
a slang word meaning "cool" or "awesome" usually used by idiots
"I am an idiot so I will say cool beans because I am an idiot."
by e-boy November 28, 2003
A phrase you say to someone who wanna do somethin that aint really cool to you but you go with it anyway.
"Let's go chill at my grandmama's house tonight instead of goin out?"

And you respond......

"Cool Beans"
by CMarble53fromtha ATX February 28, 2005
came from the tendancy for nipples getting hard(eg smuggling smarties, or peanuts) which is generally a cool thing
check out that chicks kewl beenz,
by brian January 07, 2004
A Yahoo chat room term, (invented in 1996, by Kd_kid and Blackwidow001), which means that one thinks highly of something.
That is exciting = Cool beans!
by kdsnail May 05, 2006

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