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Cookie - A person who believes that he/she is very different to others. Someone who thinks they are individual - saying things out of the blue in a random way. There is an ever increasing amount of these people, usually developing from the equally sad and lifeless 'emo sub culture'.
"Oooooooeer, my blission.....it was stolen by those hobo pirates, damn those groovy atronaughts. Pirates from alaska are here oooooer, im being attacked by a super giant daddy-longlegs" < something a 'cookie' would say
by Cook the cookies December 04, 2005
Another imaginary award give to someone when they've done something good or benefiting, but not necessarily noteworthy.
"Tommy dried the dishes, let me get that boy a cookie!"

"The slow driver got out of the left-lane. I need to give her a cookie."
by SM Jordan October 13, 2004
a code word for beer
i was so trashed after i ate fifteen cookies at the party last week
by blumpkinator123 May 11, 2010
When giving someone a cookie, you touch the tip of your nose to the tip of their nose once. This can be done with any friend.
Awwww, she looks like she needs a cookie!
by Secretsquirrel. January 19, 2010
when a female partner gently nibbles on the earlobe of the male partner.
My girlfriend is great, she gives the best cookies.
by omaggieyouretwelve November 15, 2009
A reward for posting something on a forum that is amazing.
Can also be used to gain friends on forum sites
I just posted a thread about the best ways to get rid of trolls and got tons of cookies from other users
by Alt-Assasin October 11, 2009
Cookies are one of the best things in the world. Along with Pupusas and Dump cake they rule the foodchain.
Usualy mistaken for cheesey crackers when seen though the band office window.
Person one: Do you think he saw us eating the cookies?
Person two: I don't know!
Person three: Hey what were you eatign in there? Looked like Cheesey crackers.
Person one. Sure... If you say so
by BoboMOO July 15, 2009