1. Delicious delicacies

2. A small text file stored in your computer when accessing websites, sometimes helpful (saving login information for future logins), often used for malicious purposes (tracking movements on web, spam)

3. A person, commonly used during the Roaring 20's in America and old detective films depicting said time period.
1. The cookies Grandma baked for us were delicious!

2. If you want to increase your privacy online, disable the use of cookies in your browser, but it might make some sites inaccessible.

3. That gangster was one tough cookie, but we finally caught him.
by Lexicon-artist January 30, 2005
when a female partner gently nibbles on the earlobe of the male partner.
My girlfriend is great, she gives the best cookies.
by omaggieyouretwelve November 15, 2009
A reward for posting something on a forum that is amazing.
Can also be used to gain friends on forum sites
I just posted a thread about the best ways to get rid of trolls and got tons of cookies from other users
by Alt-Assasin October 11, 2009
Cookies are one of the best things in the world. Along with Pupusas and Dump cake they rule the foodchain.
Usualy mistaken for cheesey crackers when seen though the band office window.
Person one: Do you think he saw us eating the cookies?
Person two: I don't know!
Person three: Hey what were you eatign in there? Looked like Cheesey crackers.
Person one. Sure... If you say so
by BoboMOO July 15, 2009
The root of all that is evil. A black plauge upon the land that will devour anyone who stands in its way. The source of all shadows evil and other wise unpleasent deeds.
Sally was being a real Cookie when she took a chain saw to little timmy.
by Its the BFT July 13, 2009
An extremely well dressed and good-looking male. There can be different types of cookies! A burnt cookie can describe a not so good-looking male.
Girl 1: Cookie!
Girl 2: Where!?
Girl 1: Over there, to the left.
Girl 2: That's a nice cookie right there!


Girl 1: Is that a cookie over there?
Girl 2: No! It's burnt!!!
Girl 1: Oh, I don't have my glasses, that's why. Haha.
by nackonmamaz June 30, 2009
n. marijuana; weed.
Do you want to come over and kee kee because I just got some Cookies today?
by Xing Shuay June 06, 2009
A female private part, also known as a pussy,v-hole,vagina etc. It is very suitable to use around children, as they think you are on about a little biscuit with chocolate chunks in it, really quite delectable.
I took a whiff of her cookie, it smelled like tuna.
Her cookie was as smooth as a stone.
Thats the way the cookie crumbles.
I made her cookie catch on fire like hell last night.
by sandwhich monster 29 May 17, 2009

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