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a moustache (a jocular term)
Be sure to keep that cookie duster trimmed.
by LightJoker February 03, 2006
134 77
A full mustache capable of dusting the tops of cookies.
Check out the cookie duster on Brad!
by Dave July 04, 2005
5449 2022
An unshapen mustache, starting from just under the nose, trimmed only around the brim of the top lip. A full bodied, thick, and most often very coarse, lip brow. More than capable of topping off a womans vagina in the deed of oral sex, resembling a duster.
Jons sweet new Mazda Miata and Cookie Duster definately scream 'I just ate a hookers poon'.
by d_town August 28, 2009
113 66
a mustache that can easily be removed by a lint roller
a cookie duster is a mustache is complete it can easily be removed by a lint roller..quite painfully though
by l!zz@rd July 20, 2010
15 51
A female mustache. When they eat cookies, it take the crumbs right off the top.
She has a nice cookie duster.
by Paul Hester September 09, 2004
31 154
Another term for a soul patch. The hair grown just below the bottom lip.
She really enjoyed getting her cookie dusted by her boyfriend's cookie duster.
by rockeramy October 20, 2008
30 164