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Bottle caps, spoons, or other containers used to dissolve drugs
Before you shoot up, you've got to flame that smack on a cooker
by Spec.k. May 17, 2006
A male hooker. Abbreviation of Cock Hooker
When Alex heard that Garret was a cooker, he invited him and his friend over for a roast.
by Dr.Theo March 07, 2011

a cooker is a spoon or bottle cap used to cook drugs such as heroin,coke,meth to make it more pure and for junkies to get more hi it is soposed to cook the junk out of junk and bring out the pure quilities

you put the dope in the cooker cook it good and mix it around then you draw it up in the rig and slam it
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
Someone that spins your wheels. Is out to ruin your day. Frustrates you. Makes you mad. Makes you hot. Wastes your time. Or just plan doesn't know what they're talking about. Someone that cooks you.
What did that guy want? He didn't know. What a Cooker!
by Mike Mc Kay October 06, 2009
Person who cooks meth. Usually in a trailer, abandoned building or backseat of their '76 buick.
I saw two cookers come running out of their trailer on fire when that meth lab blew.
by Jack Mehoff March 25, 2004
During the summer months, the interior of a hot car that has been sitting out in the sun. Especially a dark colored one.
Man, after a long day at the office, I know it is going to be a sweatfest when I get inside my cooker to go home.
by Rooter June 10, 2008
c;ook;er {latin for nothing} a term or exclamation used to describe someone or thing that looks attractive, in most cases females but can be used to describe various other objects. originating from somewhere within the east sussex area. ;'plural c;ook;ing`- cooking is the prosses of being attractive. -the o' sound is regularly elongated for comic effect.
Liam, dat gyl over der is 'cooker' boy!

yh matt dat babe is 'cooking'!
by MiracleM October 19, 2009
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