That mixture of vaginal discharge and stale urine that accumulates in the underpants of pregnant women.
"I wish this baby would just come out so I no longer have to deal with coodle in my underwear."
by lordbyronofesquire March 13, 2013
Top Definition
To give someone a nuzzle with your chin, around the area of their shoulder.
She gave her sister a coodle and a hug everytime they parted ways.
by whatnameisn'ttaken March 13, 2006
another word for cuddle
Hey baby you wanna go coodle under the covers?
by VTgirl81 March 02, 2011
someone that is cute and adorable. girlfriend.
"hey you wanna have dinner together, coodle?"
by Drayden December 25, 2008
A specific form of tickling in which one holds his/her arms as if they were a retarded tyrannosaurus rex and makes strange feeling motions on their partner.

The objective of the Coodle is to inspire awkwardness in the person being Coodled.
"He just kept trying to coodle me! I tried to play dead but he was a persistent coodler."
by Awful_Economics November 05, 2009
noun. The warm space beneath your blanket that you want to stay in when you wake up in the morning. Does not refer to the spot at the bottom of your blankets that is still cold.
example sentence:

It is so cold in my room I got dressed in my coodle.

Don't let the air out of my coodle! You're making it cold.
by Oreo91 January 19, 2013
A portmanteau of the phrase "cup noodles".
J: Man, I'm starving.
D: All we got is some coodles.

J: Aww, shit, man! I got coodles all over my jeans.
D: Yum.
by Jaen May 02, 2010
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