creating a word in a situation where the actual word escapes you
i couldnt remember a word so i pulled a conway
by chook June 29, 2012
The alternate, astonishingly confusing and weirdly different subway system one sometimes takes late at night (particularly after a lot of sake); marked by a total lack of public restrooms, courteous flight attendants who remind you when your stop is approaching, and people you would spend any amount of time with; dream-like public transportation in which the very laws of the physical and temporal worlds are bent and stretched so far that you think the B train might actually take you to your apartment door or that you live on the platform at 148th Street.
"After sushi karaoke, I took the conway home and ended up confidently urinating on the Columbus Circle platform after I rode the B train to Harlem where I don't live. Thank Crom I survived and found my way back to the subway."
by Sleepy Magoo January 13, 2013
Term used to describe a peanut headed baffoon that wears flourescent jacets and makes love to his cousin. Can often be found spending his grans money in the casino. More oftenly labelled a 'bad man'.
He's a complete 'CONWAY', he'd shag his own gran.
by Norman Baconflap January 15, 2007
maccabi tel-aviv junior renound for exploiting the shabby quality of AND1 sneakers worldwide; most likely a combination of the parquette court 4 at waverly stadium, and his breakneck lateral speed that has left many a pair reminiscent of pete murray (seen better days). whether in full wesley purple and gold, or just rocking black on black nba shoes with jeans his endeavour never flounders. when coach neason was confronted about this high flyer he finished with "it's all about the music with this kid." coming from a musical background, having global phenoms such as triple word score in the conway household was commonplace. this early influence shine through his "samba" style play.
1. move your feet jason
2. Conway. Muuuuuuuuuuuusic
3. Off the conway please, the game is still going, thankyou.
by Shane Lee January 18, 2008
1) noun. A girl with nappy hair
2) verb. To exhibit an act of utter craziness.
1) Guy 1: Dude check her out.
Guy 2: Sick - what a conway.

2) Guy 1: Shoot - she's going all conway on my ass!
Guy 2: She so crazy!
by Andrew08 June 10, 2005
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