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A Conversational Puma is a loud and opportunistic member of a conversation. The "puma" part comes from the person's tendency to "pounce" on you when you are trying to tell a story with loud interjections like "NO WAY" or "I KNOW". Though its debateable whether the conversational puma is truely interested in what you are saying or if he/she is just patronizing you, the story usually ends up being truncated for no other reason than to avoid being loudly interrupted.

This word was recently pioneered on the radio program Loveline by Adam Carolla.
Jesus christ, I hate that Suzy. I can't finish a single sentence with her without her pouncing on me with 'OMG' or something like that. She's such a conversational puma.
by Skeeter McDougal October 04, 2005
A Puma (sneaker) that's so hot it sparks mad conversation.
Person 1: Oooo....I love those sneaks, I gotta get me some of those.

Person 2: Yea, i have a lot of Pumas, but these are my conversational Pumas.
by Rasheeda October 13, 2005
fashionable sneakers (tennis shoes, trainers), designed for casual not athletic wear, and worn to elicit commendation and conversation.

A: I just got back from Europe. Check out these kicks I picked up in Milan.
B: More like conversational pumas, dude.
by Lingrad October 06, 2005
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