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It's when you're totally addicted on wearing, buying and collecting converse/ chucks/ all star sneakers. When you have way more pairs of converse than you could ever need. When you can never resist the urge of buying the latest designs. When you buy a pair whenever you have some money so shouldn't. When you buy a new pair once a month on an average. When your face totally light up when someone gifts you one!
Hayley: Hey! check out my new converse! awesome huh?

Sarah: But don't you have like 20 pairs already? I know that you don't have that much cash, so I'm thinking that you shouldn't have bought them?

Hayley: Yes I do, it's more like 30 pairs! I know that I shouldn't have but just couldn't help it so I guess I'm a convaholic?! happy?

Sarah: That's the word to describe your condition! Start by avoiding that mall! it should help! =P
by Punk86 June 28, 2010
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