Someone who's body seems to be like one large, flexible piece of play-doh. Or made of rubber. Amazing really.

Gymnasts and ballerinas sometimes can become contortionists.
At the half-time show yesterday, I saw a contortionist stand on one hand, bend her legs back over her head and shoot a bow-and-arrow accurately. It was mind-boggling.
by Adel7 December 08, 2007
Top Definition
the ultimate sex toy. I don't, however, know if two contortionist's could go at it, because they would probably orgasm before starting just because of the fantasy's.
Contortionist + Contortionist = Crazy monkey sex
by VA Boy August 12, 2004
someone who contorts their body.
like very far backbends and other examples of flexibility.
by juunan August 10, 2005
people who's bodies are amazingly, crazily flexible. so if you ever see someone twisted in ways that no human could possibly do successfully, they are most likely contortionists.
>"They do it in the washing machine."

>>"No being of mankind could ever get their bodies into that tiny machine with another body and go at it."

>"Not if they're both contortionists."
by junebuggy January 26, 2009
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