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Also used as a prelude/warning to an action performed by an individual.
Here's comes the CONT train baby! Woo Woo WOO!!

You have to CONT it right there!!

Feel the pain you cont!
by cappuccinodan February 05, 2010
A type of scarf whose use is not usually warmth but merely to match and compliment the wearers current outfit
Look at all the Sunley's in this drawer, he's got one to match anything

We have a nice Sunley selection here; almost one for any occasion
by cappuccinodan February 05, 2010
An elite, close collective group of males. Who often gather purely for the purpose of applying movie analogies to strangers while people watching. Often during alcohol consumption.
Plural: "That bunch of CONTS over there are making so much noise"

Singular: "That funny CONT is always doing Jim Carrey impressions"

"The big CONT likes arnie too much"
by cappuccinodan February 05, 2010
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