An amazing guy that has superman like qualities. He is always happy and loves everybody. His happy attitude easily makes everyones day brighter. He has cute blonde hair and the biggest smile!
person1: *smiling*
person2: y are you so happy??
person1: i just saw Connor!
person2: oh that makes sense, i love him :)
by csep May 21, 2010
The only person who makes me extremely happy. The best boyfriend in the world. He's got everything, great personality, good looks, humour, and he's everything I could ever want <3 And i love him more then he knows !
Connor, nuff said
by whiskers24 June 21, 2010
The most amazing boyfriend ever;
hot, super pretty green eyes, tall, brown hair.
super sweet, any girl would be lucky to have him.
HALEY loves him to death (:
funny, can always make you feel better.
the best person alivee .
Wow, I wish I had a Connor.
by hmb <3 March 07, 2010
A name to describe one of the coolest MOFO's on the planet that gets all the ladies with his charm and great looks. He is also very smart and humble. A person that was born in West Allis, WI to the parents of Danny & Jessica.
"Do you see all the girls that are following Connor around he must be a cool MOFO."
by Raz McTaz February 03, 2010
Connor is a man with a penis of legendary length and girth. He gets all the pussy he wants and loves anal. Bitches herd to him because he is a pussy magnet. he has no standards but stil fucks the hottest chicks. fucking boss.
Connor is hung like a horse, I thought he poked my intestines.
by pussymagnet1111 July 14, 2011
a very muscular boy, usually plays hockey. connors are very protective of their girlfriend, and usually date someone with the letter 'a' as their frist name. example; alyssa, alexia, alex, ext ...
man, did you see how buff connor is?
yeah, its because of hockey!
by ohhotdaaaayum November 07, 2010
The fucking beast of his time and place and generation! His dick will fuckin rip you girls apart! In fact, you'd cower even before he takes it out! He goes by the moniker Virginity Thief. If his eyes lay on you, then there's a hundred percent chance that you'll be his bitch for the night. There's another chance that you'll find your legs useless in the morning.
He was once part of Chuck Norris, but Chuck decided to get a new dick becuase connor was too overwhelming.

Chick 1-holy shit! connor just checked me out!
Chick 2-aw damn girl, you're his bitch tonight!
Guy rushes over.
Guy-oh shit! connor was staring at me! i don't want to end up in a wheelchair!
by The_Good_Samaritan December 05, 2011

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