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to do a connor. when somebody insults you by telling you to die and you do so making them shut there mouth.
Dude,that chick told Ronny to die and he did a Connor and just dropped dead. i feel sorry for Ronny, the chick was his mum, but she never told anyone to die again
by danielmanson94 July 09, 2009
to enter the dragon, this is when at a sleepover you constantly try to get into the bed of the person who is holding the seepover. also when you try to put the male reproductive organ into a dragon (a stuffed toy because real dragons dont exist silly)
dude, we were at this guys house,and we were about to enter the dragon but we thought it was a bit gay but we got bored so we entered the dragon anyway. he kicked us out though. but since we were all awake we took his sisters stuffed dragon and had some good times.
by danielmanson94 July 09, 2009

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