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He is the most sweestest of guys brown eyes, brown hair, and freckles. He may date one girl after the next but he is amazing. He is funny even when he he shouldnt be and he has a good heart. He may be a pain but once you get to know him it wont matter. Dont ever lose a Connor. It will be the worst mistake of your life. Trust me. I will always be my best friend.
Girl: i just lost my connor
by Babykat1214 October 02, 2012
1.The male equivalent to shawty.
that guy is my Connor, I got his back.
by connor's shawty November 12, 2007
An amazing person. He's cute and funny and all around incredible.
He is loved by me, and is object of desire and lust of all other girls.
Girl1: Who's that guy? He's cute.
Me: That's my boyfriend. Connor.
Girl1: Lucky bitch. *walks away*
by oh she's so cool May 01, 2009
A guy who when you meet him its mysterious but you find out he can do the batman voice. He's tall, apparently has a rather large penis?, is smart, friendly, FUNNY, and sexy. :) people (especially girls) find him to be a great friend and is an awesome bowler. He can always make you smile and dreams of being batman. He acts, twiggy :), and finds iphones awesome. Connor is someone you always wish you could meet, and when you do, hope that he never moves or leaves.
"Did you see Connor yesterday?"
"Oh yea, wasn't he the one prancing on stage as Twig?"
"Yea, leather and everything"
by You know homes October 14, 2008
Someone who can relate to almost anyone and loves all his closest friends. He will listen to your problems and try to help the best he can. He is the very athletic kind of guy. He is also very sarcastic at times and is also optimistic. So an all around great guy who will eventually find the girl that fits him best
Connor is a great guy!
by want.another.chance.please? December 13, 2010
When sarcasm takes a living form.
Hey dude that guy was so effin sarcastic I should just call him Connor.

That guy is a effin annoying connor.
by CJH November 11, 2005
An animal loving, boner king that loves that pussy.
OMG, jen's man is such a CONNOR!
by Pricemoney December 22, 2008
are always the cutest. There always so nice to everyone. Even people who aren't nice to them. Connors try being players but everyone knows sooner or later he's gonna find that special girl that changes him. I would so date a connor. I kinda wish I could. Connors are good kissers and have pretty big dicks. They resemble cute animals like puppies or kittens. And I really love Connors alot.
girl 1: it's Connor
Girl 2: you love him
Girl 1: it's hard not to
Girl 1: yeah I guess. You two would be cute!
by Groggylooggy345 June 27, 2009