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person with large penis
omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
by snarff December 15, 2007
This person is the most warm hearted person there is. They are funny, nice, they have adorably cheeks, you'll like their tounge, they are caring and understand people. You can go to them with anything. They make you feel better and put a smile on your face. They are very sensative too, so be careful what you say.

Once youve got this person, never let them go. Make sure you keep them happy and in your life as long as you can. Love them as much as you can.
I love Connor <3
by Fluffypillows November 23, 2013
Hot. He's a 'gunna grab yo girl' type of guy, and with a face like connors normally have, he totally will get your girl. Connors are normally brunets and do some sort of sport. They'll make you jealous you were ever named something else.
Girl 1: Damn who is that?
Girl 2: Ohh that's Connor
Girl 1: Is he single?
Girl 2: Yeah but not for long!
by lilypad99 October 08, 2013
Funny, tall, nice, and loving. Will give you a nickname the day you meet him. At first, you think he's a creeper, but once you get to know him you'll fall in love:) Great hair. Very Sarcastic. Loves to hold your hand, hug you, and text you. Constantly says i love you. He knows what to look for in a girl. He makes you feel special, and loved. Likes heavy music, and pop. Isn't perverted. Connor is truly amazing and would make a perfect best friend or boyfriend.
Connor: Hey sweetheart, love you lots and I mean it!
by 7328168437369 May 27, 2013
a really hot sexy tall guy with a monster cock.
he is very smart and looks really good with a vagina on his dick.
hes an awesome gamer who has alot of friends.

he fucks bitches daily.
"that guy just fucked everyone mom at the same time...his name must be Connor."
" your penis is the size of Manhatten, is your name Connor?"
"you killed everyone on the enemy team, must be a Connor"
"your awesome at lacrosse, is your name connor?"
" you ate that steak in 4 seconds...is your name Connor?"
by bigdickguycoolguytallguy April 10, 2013
An amazing guy that has superman like qualities. The complete and udder essence of awesome

Whenever something awesome happens to you it is because connor makes it so
Connor cannot be killed in battle, he can only fall asleep at random times


He is the human form of Chuck Norris

Connor is so awesome that he can melt his enemies into rock.... exactly
Hes good at almost everything. Hes so nice but will protect the one he loves.

person with large penis
"That text was lame,i wish we had a connor"

"Connor gets me hard"

"Connor was raised by wolves"
"omg look at the size of it he must be a connor"
by Sarah4314 December 10, 2012
a sexy guy with the looks the swagger and the personality, all the girls want him and all the boys want to be him, hes tall with brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. connors know how to keep a girl happy and have all the moves ;) there also great friends and good listeners, you can tell a connor anything and everything. hes got the hair, the eyes, personality, hes trusting, hes got the sexy body. im in love with a connor who wouldnt be id let him in my bed any day. he looooves that pussy
wow look at that sexy guy he must be a connor!
by BVBLUV July 08, 2012
To break a prefectly good, working website due to incompetence and/or neglect.
Past tense: connors'd
Brian connors'd the crap out of the site when he introduced an infinite "for" loop to the default page.
by Andy "Pants" Jones March 07, 2008