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All-girls Catholic school, full of pretty girls with class.
WOW! Look at that hoe! She must go to rosary NOT connelly.
#connelly #catholic #school #class #classy #not hoes #smart #pretty
by azsdffsw February 16, 2009
(verb) To miss an attempted high five, thus smacking your fellow participant in the face.

(verb) To just not get it, sparking Scooby Doo-like queries of "Aroo?".
"We were all celebrating the goal, then I totally Connelly'd my friend!"

I totally Connelly'd the situation.
#connelly'd #connelly #question #misunderstood #high five
by RBeezy321 March 17, 2010
A beautiful little girl that will oneday realize that she was named after two of her mothers favorite people, that she loved and lost, who will always be so close to her heart that she had to name her after them.
Mom, this is Connelly, my daughter, who I decided to name after you way before she was born because of how special you will always be to me.

Connelly, you are named after an amazing person, whom I'll always love with all my heart.
#daughter #love #beautiful #name #girl
by Eleanor 2009 November 21, 2009
A troll that lives under a bridge taking it up the ass all day from a Crosser
The Connelly enjoyed the firm penis in his asshole.
#sex #ugly #hard #disgusting #fucking
by cconndamnon April 04, 2011
A high school full of unattractive girls who are jealous of rosary girls. Servite boys pay no attention to them because the wear ugly blazers and are hideous bitches.
you see that NASTY girl walk by! she must go to CONNELLY.
#connelly #high #school #ugly #girls
by boobearlover28 August 13, 2011
Someone who likes to have intercourse with fat girls with pretty faces.
Man I slept with that hog last night, but she had a smokin hot face. I felt like such a Connelly
#seroka #sunzere #brow #peters #lavazza
by FatBottomedGirl September 05, 2009
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