Top Definition
a combination of the words in the phrase "conniption fit"

it is a hotheaded, hysterical, or crazy fit that involves yelling, throwing things, and strange body gyrations
She's going to have a conipshit when she finds out.
by SaucyAddax August 11, 2007
an intense coniption that is sooo bad its not just any old conniption, its a conipshit
OH MY GOD!!!! This is such a conipshit! Just shut up and sit down!
by stephen. end of story. April 20, 2009
noun: a horrible situation, a complex problem, or a streak of bad luck
My car breaks down, I lose my cell phone, and get run over by a car tryin to flag someone down. This has certainly been some conipshit, man.
by weezy f baby July 20, 2005
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