shortening of congratulations, to reward someone. used particularly sarcastically.
-whats that? oh its a melon.
-oh idiot.
by Emma Sueref February 18, 2010
Top Definition
(verb) To mess around.
Quit congin' and get back to work!
by tokkot July 11, 2004
A derogatory term used for the purpose of describing a Vietnamese person.

(Derived from the term 'Viet-Cong', a term ued to describe Communist North Vietnam)

See Also: Gook
The cong jumped out from the tree and knocked me out... next thing I knew I was in the trunk of a suped up car.
by Da Man April 14, 2003
Congs is a novel way of saying congrats. Origin trails back to a unique person popularly called the gatra. His passions included eating cookies cooked on used underpants. His other inventions included coolvivs, vivs, but is known to have added special dimension to the meaning of bamboo, papaya, melons.
Congs vivek, congs chaggi, congs pahadi etc etc
by tumharabaap March 28, 2010
Sad male who dont deserve anyone
get away from me cong, i dont want to be your friend anymore.
by unknown... February 22, 2004
A pile of shit.
Make sure you dont step in that Cong or else you won't have a good day.
by Anti-protagonist November 20, 2008
A male thong. A thong used for a cock.
Therefore called a "cong".
Girl: I bet he wears a cong
by inacurate0.01 June 12, 2016
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