A term often associated to someone whom doesn't know their front from their rear.

When someone thinks they are in love but are really just looking for a filler of space.

When someone thinks they love their job, but are just in it for the status.
Adam Stauffer was confused about his sexuality, so he went with the first thing that knocked on the door.
by Professor Billy March 19, 2009
unable to grasp the truth behind a given emotion or concept
Jack was confused that Arnold said something bad about Daisy because Jack knew Daisy to be a wise person.
by Enrique Wilson March 11, 2015
a person who wears from wallmart to hot topic to abercrombie and fitch. listens to all kinds of music ... but not country. doesnt care what people call them but might have a tad of low self esteem.They dont want to look ahead at life because they know what is coming might not be fun.They talk normal for sure, no gangster or preppy or goth talk. just normal.
Chongi: oye babii a donde you go to buy ropa??
Confused: Dont ask me that. I dress from anywhere.
by carox3 February 14, 2007
my ground state of mind.

ksfj;sghsd'kgjsd'ks'af'sdf (what to type on im's if someone confuses you)

me when veiwing chatspeak. (I'M A WRITER!!! I CAN'T READ CHATSPEAK)

defintion of all cheerleaders and cheerleader wanna-be's
omg! he wuz totaly like (insert chatspeak here... i can't type it)

Me: *stares, blinks* huh.....?
by Isis February 22, 2005
like or relating to that crazy gal on LunarForums
confused is a girl!!
by Michael January 17, 2005
bisexual, someone who sleeps with both men and women
I think Jay is confused!!!!
by Miss Pebbles July 29, 2003

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