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1. To give one the wrong impression of something
2. To teach and or lecture on a subject for an extended timeframe only to test on something completely different.
3. Something a complete douchebag would do. See douche move
Example 1:
It was obvious by second semester that the professor had a knack for confugucating his students by purposefully testing on different materials than covered in class.

Example 2:
That test today completely confugucated me! The professor never even covered the material!

Example 3:
(Girl 1): Hey, how was Chemistry?
(Girl 2): I don't want to talk about it?
(Girl 1): Let me guess, you had a test?
(Girl 2): Yeah.. only I was pretty much confugucated by it!
by YourPsuedoLover October 22, 2009
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