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Merge of the words 'confused' and 'befuddle.'

Origin unknown; I have claimed to have created it before to my friend, who had also claimed the same.
This class confuddles me.

I am confuddled.
by Rabid Nozomi January 16, 2007
47 12
adj., confuddled
to be confused
"That powerpoint was confuddling."

"The poor confuddled deer was shot by a hunter."
by BobSagotFTW September 01, 2011
1 3
To lose and confuse simultaneously.
I was confuddled by the sudden change of topic.
by Frank Kirby December 04, 2007
4 7
confuddle means to confuse. infact, there really is no difference between the two besides their spelling.
Rocket science confuddles me!
by MyLadMicheline December 14, 2006
1 5
Confuddled is a mixture of confused and MUDDLED!
Damn Gee, I'm so confuddled by the previous defiitions of my word - word up!
by Phat Nat March 21, 2008
2 10
your are confused!
<fatez> your a confuddled type nigga
by Hitman February 22, 2004
7 15