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Society's Bitch. One who has to follow what's 'In' in order to gain popularity and have a life.

See prep
Girl: *Chews gum like crazy* LIEK OMG!!111 Nelly is soooo hot!!!11 *fans face like crazy* Oh, Im like soooo blushing!!!11
Nonconformist: Please die.
by PSisTEHsuxxors February 23, 2004
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One who conforms to a belief or set of beliefs held by someone else. For example, as many of the definitions on this page have noticed, there are adolescent social groups in Western society that many people feel the need to conform to, such as goths, punks and emos for example. However, some people may be forced to conform to a set of beliefs that they do not necessarily wish to follow; for example, in dictatorships like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the 20th century, people were forced to conform to what the government believed, regardless of what they themselves thought.

The realm of conformism can be stretched, however. For example, one might argue that by being a non-conformist, you are conforming to non-conformism. However, this is bullshit and you should severely injure anyone who truly believes in that. There is no such thing as the non-conformist group in the same manner as there are punks and emos.

Of course, you could be a non-conformist by not conforming to the social norms as defined by adults, not adolescents, but nobody gives a shit about those anyway.
A conformist is what most of the people who have put entries onto urban dictionary are. You're not a non-conformist simply because you laugh at conformists. A non-conformist is a true rebel, fighting against whatever the prevalent social groups are in their society. In modern Western society, this essentially means wearing whatever you want, listening to whatever music you want, reading what you want and so on, not choosing a social group (such as the emos) and shoehorning yourself into that particular style. For example; ask an emo exactly why they like emo music or emo clothes and don't stop until you get a satisfactory answer. No, wait, don't, because you'll die long before you do (unless they really do like their clothes and music for real reasons, which is unlikely).

Someone who likes whatever music they actually like is a non-conformist. If someone likes music from any genre simply because they like that particular piece of music then they are a non-conformist in that particular area of life.
by Lord of the Pies May 07, 2006
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Despite popular belief, we are -not- all conformists. We are however, all influenced by sources other than ourselves. An 'individual' would be a person whom does what he/she wishes to, for reasons that he/she has justified themselves, rather than doing something because someone else deems it as correct, or 'cool', a conformist does the opposite. In short, a conformist gives way too much of a shit about what others think.

Sadly, the polulation has decided to categorise themselves as one thing or another, leading to so many labels, that we just assume that everyone is being a conformist slut, the vast majority of the time.

The whole "Emo" thing is the current conformist favourite, even though the concept is that "Nobody understands me." and "I'm so different.", when everyone undergoes this transformation, being a basketcase is now 'cool'.
I say we don't give them psychological help, and instead leave them to bleed from the wrists, crying, until they die.
Conformist Emo Slut: "Nobody understands me."

Anyone not bound by society's grip: "Please, stop moaning, and instead continue with the whole self-harming thing. You're not bleeding enough."
by Effect November 19, 2005
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Anyone who sides with or borrows the customs, rules, or styles of another group to be recognized. This branches out to the most mainstream popular groups, to the lowest underground groups. There is a 92% chance that the person reading this is, or is somewhat, a conformist. The other 8% most likely will continue to be original until some jackass says "Ur friggin awesum!!!1" and makes all his/her friends believe that what the individual is doing is cool to some extent, and in no time flat the fad that was just created becomes so annoying an 'anti' group is formed against it, in which now there are 2 more groups people will once again conform to and the cycle will repeat until an old idea (retro) is brought back. The retro fad halts the cycle for sometime, and when it leaves the cycle starts again

Individual: Hey watch this! (shows friend original idea)

Conformist: OMG!! thats soooo kewl!!! let me show everyone!!!!

Individual: aw shit, here we go again.
by Phrotastik February 13, 2008
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What most people call conformist is wrong. The conformist are people who try to fit in to any mainstream trend that is that status quo of the time. Like today many kids like Lil Wayne, and it's popular to like Lil Wayne, Hip-hop, or emo music(to a lesser extent). Anyone who's not abiding by the stat quo of popularity today is considered lame, and just because you conform to a smaller less popular group, that does not make you an conformist also.

Being a conformist in modern day sense means to like what ever is popular, and what the radio and channels like MTV and BET project as what today's teens or 20 somethings should be.

It's like any kid who likes Nirvana naturally is seen as uncool because they aren't conforming to today's widely popular music or trends.
Conformist- What are you listening to?
Non conformist - The Beatles
Conformist - I don't like that, you should be like the crowd and like Lil Wayne
Non conformist - Fuck off
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 30, 2010
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One who mindlessly or intentionally follows certain standards for social purposes, we're all conformists to an extent.
1. She alienated the ones who truly loved her for her conformist clique.

2. He lacks soul & mind due to his extreme conformist lifestyle.

3. I wouldn't be wearing clothes right now if I wasn't a conformist. My roommate might never speak to me again, either.
by cxnnor May 26, 2009
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Someone that does things based on what others want them to do and how society wants them to be. You are not a conformist if you like a new band or type of clothing, you're a conformist if you like those things cause your friend does.
Loser: You're such a fucking conformist for liking that band! Why can't you like FOB like everyone else?
Me: Right....
by king_wallace January 31, 2006
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