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When a fart is so loud and smelly that the fart receives compliments
Sully received conflatulations when he ripped a nasty ass bomb
by jrky March 03, 2009
Gaseous emissions offered in appreciation or praise, usually due to a significant accomplishment on the part of the conflatulationee. Emissions may proceed from any oriface. Adjective form "conflatulatory" is also valid.
The guys at the bar offered their sincere conflatulations to Edgar after he won the chili dog eating contest.
by Ploxis March 28, 2005
A word to express congratulence. Positive acknowledgment of a loud and/or smelly fart
Someone farts in a public place (in the pub or a bus queue etc)
The person next to them says 'Conflatulations!'
by leonasbiggestfan January 22, 2015
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