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a word old people use instead of shit
"oh conflabit!"
by klick December 07, 2003
28 5
(n) Expletive that Paw Paw, AUback, StaringDownTheBarrel, Beargrylls, and others screamed in a shrill voice while rolling on the floor in a fit of agony upon the horrid realization that bammer was going to be the national champs.
Conflabit, conflabit, conflabit!! Bammer done won it all? THEY CHEATED THEY CHEATED CONFLABIT!!
by wde35226 June 29, 2010
18 9
Means the same as phrases such as
"Darn it"
"Oh Damn"
"Conflabit I've forgot to buy the cheese"
by Nikki..xO March 14, 2008
10 1
means the same as phrases such as;
"Damn it"
"Oh Darn"
Conflabit i forgot to buy the cheese!
by Nikki..xO March 13, 2008
4 1
A website for great creations and scripts..
go to www.conflabit.net
by david May 01, 2004
4 6