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hiphop music created with the sole intention of becoming a hit,a party song, or a dance craze, and having no substance or meaning, usually resulting in the artist being a one hit wonder

it can also relate to the artist themselves,
a person is a confetti rapper when they are all for show,commercially mainstream, and willing to do shows in helsinki like 50 cent

confetti rap songs: crank dat(soulja boy)
in da club(50 cent)
stronger(kanye west)
lollipop(lil wayne)
pop lock drop it(huey)
dude: u hear that new soulja boy joint in the club last night?
dude2: man, that half stepper, is a one hit confetti rapper

yo guys let play crank dat soulja boy, do the dance and record it on youtube- 15 year old white girls

50 cent and kanye west are the kings of confetti rap
by kansascityking99 March 28, 2009
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