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hiphop music created with the sole intention of becoming a hit,a party song, or a dance craze, and having no substance or meaning, usually resulting in the artist being a one hit wonder

it can also relate to the artist themselves,
a person is a confetti rapper when they are all for show,commercially mainstream, and willing to do shows in helsinki like 50 cent

confetti rap songs: crank dat(soulja boy)
in da club(50 cent)
stronger(kanye west)
lollipop(lil wayne)
pop lock drop it(huey)
dude: u hear that new soulja boy joint in the club last night?
dude2: man, that half stepper, is a one hit confetti rapper

yo guys let play crank dat soulja boy, do the dance and record it on youtube- 15 year old white girls

50 cent and kanye west are the kings of confetti rap
by kansascityking99 March 28, 2009
confetti rappin, fake ass, half steppin ass, no swag, no game, frontin brothas who ride others street cred, or they kiss so much ass the person as part of a crew iz brought to the scene to fame

rappers include: lil wayne, mike jones, bubba sparxxx, nelly, chingy, tony yayo, p diddy, fred durst,paul wall

groups: st lunatic, or whatever the the fuck they calll themselves, half of g unit, and all them niggaz from USDA
dude: " you hear that tony yayo's new album is called, im 50 cents's tax writeoff?
dude2: yea, that nigga is a dick riddin hood jockey

paul wall: can i be on swishahouse, and cut confetti remixes if i give u a grill
mike jones: yea, now suck my dick

slim thug has a harom of houston jock riders, including paul wall,Chamillionaire, and lupe fiasco
by kansascityking99 March 28, 2009

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