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1. V. To be condescending to someone. To speak in a superior manner, or patronize someone. The act of being condy.

2. Adj. Any manner of speech that is condescending.
3. N. A person who practices condiness towards others.
House: You have the intellectual capacity of a two year old on Vicodin.
Cuddy: I know I'm not as smart as you, but you don't have to be condy to me about it. Ass.
by Sid Da Kid April 29, 2010
A condom, jimmy head, rubber, glove, twice rapper
Pat "Dude what the fuck did u just steal?"

Seth "condys bro, not paying for that shit!"
by Alan incognito November 22, 2013
Slang for condom. Possibly said while drunk, but mostly said just because you can.
My friend Lil Masty needs a condy every saturday night.
by K. Mhettos October 23, 2004

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