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Any of a number of stupid looking hats that dumbass high school jackoffs typically wear. Usually seen while listening to Linkin Park and picking their nose/ass.
Anyone who wears a condom hat should have their ass kicked.

Man, look at all the condom hats getting into their mom's cars when the mall closes.
by Marquiz May 01, 2003

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a extremely tight beanie, without a fold, that resembles a condom when placed on one's head.
the nordic skiier was wearing a condom hat.
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
A sort of hat that people (who nobody really likes) wear because they think they're cool. Very much shaped like a condom.
She said her dad secretly changed her brake pads. She was probably sitting in her car at the stoplight, wearing her condom hat, as her dad changed her brake pads.
by Alekesa L June 01, 2007
a hat which resembles a condom
That stupid fly bitch is wearing a condom hat
by Bean Flickers December 05, 2002