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A liquid defacation so forceful you have to hold onto the toilet seat to avoid liftoff.
I ate the buffet at Foo Kee and ended up with explosive diarrhea
by Marquiz May 06, 2003
The strongest force in the universe.
Whatcha ya gonna do brother, when the 24" pythons and Hulkamania run wild on you!?
by Marquiz May 06, 2003
A promiscuous and/or unattractive woman with whom a man would normally have nothing to do - however he sleeps with her anyways because he's in a slump.
Come on man, it was a slumpbuster.
by Marquiz May 01, 2003
Any of an elite caliber of second basemen in the game of softball.
Jurado is an intergal part of his team's double-play combination.
by Marquiz May 01, 2003
Any of a number of stupid looking hats that dumbass high school jackoffs typically wear. Usually seen while listening to Linkin Park and picking their nose/ass.
Anyone who wears a condom hat should have their ass kicked.

Man, look at all the condom hats getting into their mom's cars when the mall closes.
by Marquiz May 01, 2003
What you call sluts when they are within earshot.
What's up, sloots?
by Marquiz May 01, 2003
Similar to the Yokozuna, where one surprises a sleeping/intoxicated person by placing the scrotum on their forehead, and usually taking a photograph.
He got tea-bagged in the Hilliard Room
by Marquiz May 06, 2003

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