A very rare black rice dish, consisting mostly of soya sauce and rice. Part of Bush's eating habits. Mostly the supper of political puppets. Usually makes you orthodonthally challenged.
Dan: I'M hungry, I'll go eat some Condoleeza Rice
JOe: NO! Dimwit! You'll have buck-teeh!

by damn damn danno October 04, 2006
the smell when you shit on your hand
dude1: whats that smell?!? did u just shit on your hand?

dude2: yea, now it smells like condoleeza rice!
by Goodguy555 November 18, 2009
Not the most intelligent black woman in America. Whoever said so was racist, bigoted, or otherwise had their head up their ass, because publicly sucking up to and almost dating married white men in power and leeching off of their fame does not make you smart or talented or a good example for others. Monica did that much. And does she really have an identity or set of accomplishments apart from Bush? I don't think so. Not to mention the example on that definition just shamed the Republican party more, if that's possible.
Wow, look! Condoleeza Rice can play piano! Just like most middle school children! And she has enough sense to kiss up to to The Man! That must make her terribly smart for one of "them"...
by Lady Mephisto April 24, 2008
A black woman supporting the white man's burden (at least in the Middle East). Rumor has it that she has the hots from George Dubya.
That Condoleeza Rice must have gotten her doctorate in Screwing Up Foreign Policy.
by Jason Kossmann October 22, 2006
Widely regarded as the most talented member of the current administration, and two heartbeats away from the presidency. However, her lasting legacy as Secretary of State will undoubtedly be that she went shopping for Manolo Blahnik shoes while Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans---an act of singular callousness that eclipses Janet Reno's treatment of Waco, and the Elian Gonzalez affair.
Condoleeza rice may be the smartest person in any room, but her compassion and judgement are the objective correlative of W and the neocons!
by William Bingham June 17, 2007
a sex position where you head and legs are parrallel to the floor, and your partner rotates above. Good for both hetero and homo sexual.
oooo ya get in that condoleeza rice baby!
by Daniel Radcliffe March 15, 2005
Most intelligent black woman in America. Also a piano virtuoso and current Secretary of State of the U.S. Not well liked by most Black Americans nor white liberals who seem to believe that every black person is required to play the role of the victim and is not entitled to have their own beliefs.
Condoleeza Rice is a beautiful, intelligent, successful, educated and talented black woman, and it is no coincidence that she is Republican.
by TruthMaster August 29, 2006
President of the United States in 2008.
The one who kicks Clinton's ass.
by MasterChiefll July 05, 2005

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