Not the most intelligent black woman in America. Whoever said so was racist, bigoted, or otherwise had their head up their ass, because publicly sucking up to and almost dating married white men in power and leeching off of their fame does not make you smart or talented or a good example for others. Monica did that much. And does she really have an identity or set of accomplishments apart from Bush? I don't think so. Not to mention the example on that definition just shamed the Republican party more, if that's possible.
Wow, look! Condoleeza Rice can play piano! Just like most middle school children! And she has enough sense to kiss up to to The Man! That must make her terribly smart for one of "them"...
by Lady Mephisto April 24, 2008
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1.) Orthodontically challenged female
2.) Republican marketing prop with no substance.
3.) National security disgrace who dismissed an intelligence briefing entitled "Osama Bin Laden Determined To Attack United States. A month later Osama Bin Laden attacked the United States.
1.) Current Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is A-OK with Sharia law in Iraq that dooms Iraqi women to honor killings & donning burkahs.
2.) African American woman who kisses up to powerful white men.
3.) Stupid bitch partially responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans.
by Clevelandchick August 29, 2005
The Omarosa of the Bush-league republican administration.
That bitch will lie right to your face.
by MODNAR April 09, 2004
A very rare black rice dish, consisting mostly of soya sauce and rice. Part of Bush's eating habits. Mostly the supper of political puppets. Usually makes you orthodonthally challenged.
Dan: I'M hungry, I'll go eat some Condoleeza Rice
JOe: NO! Dimwit! You'll have buck-teeh!

by damn damn danno October 04, 2006
a bitch that can burn in hell,
this bitch, dr. rice, got a degree and cna lie to the dumbass prez's face. go to hell bitch, america hates u.
by vick the man April 15, 2005
A chinese dish consisting of chilli flakes, garlic, chicken, steamed rice and a small/large pinch of bullshit.
How much for one serve of condoleeza rice?
by english___p October 07, 2006
The small discharge that sometimes happens after a long session of anal, except a few hours later, and unexpectedly.
Patty: "I was just sitting there watching TV and all the sudden I farted and it was a condoleeza rice of a time in my panties."
Friend: "At least you get anal."
by Sallys March 21, 2006
Another word for shit.
The cat took a Condoleeza Rice on the floor.
by Octy May 26, 2008
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