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9 definitions by Sallys

n. A grandmother's nickname.

n. A regular at pageant message boards, usually leaving messages that aren't that funny.
Who left that stupid post?
Oh, ok..it was Meemaw.
by Sallys March 23, 2006
173 61
A secretion of male ejaculate that exits the anus while farting, sometime after anal sex. It could be right after the sex or five hours later.

Standing in line for the subway, Jennie realized that she was now sporting a stain left by her cum fart.
by Sallys March 23, 2006
198 94
When a transexual secretly dates unknowing men, as a woman, and pulls out her dick just as the guy starts to have sex.
Linda looked so perfect and just as I was playing with her tits she pulled a tranny-surprise.
by Sallys March 22, 2006
75 48
Of or pertaining to a lesbian.
Like a lesbian.
You know, Terri's short haircut really is dykey.
by Sallys March 21, 2006
21 5
A set of nipples characterized by their resemblance to breakfast sausage links.
As Kathleen taught the class, the cool draft blew through causing her sausage nips to poke out of her faux silk blouse.
by Sallys March 21, 2006
17 9
n. An actor who, through an out-of-nowhere comeback in a very popular movie, becomes wildly famous after doing nothing good with their career for many, many, many, many years, only to become nothing once again.
Ouch, he just has become a Travolta.
by Sallys March 22, 2006
30 24
The small discharge that sometimes happens after a long session of anal, except a few hours later, and unexpectedly.
Patty: "I was just sitting there watching TV and all the sudden I farted and it was a condoleeza rice of a time in my panties."
Friend: "At least you get anal."
by Sallys March 21, 2006
158 153