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A pesky prick roommate who always uses up all YOUR condiments. Be careful for these people as they are known for being very slick and sly. They'll use a little here and a little there until it is all gone. Then to top it off they won't tell you they used it so that when you have your meal all ready save for a couple condiments you approach the fridge to find the containers in the fridge all but empty.
Doug: Sucks living with my roommate Tim I can't ever fully enjoy my meal.

Mikey: He one of those condiment thiefs?

Doug: Yeah...

Mikey: What a fuckin' prick
by Mike Schrampfey November 25, 2012
the reason why McDonald's hides ketchup and mustard behind the counter
Too cheap to buy his own the condiment thief fills her purse or his pockets with tiny portions of condiments
by ranktude November 27, 2012
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