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A poorly designed device, often impractical and/or ineffective.
Look at that concraption holding his muffler on. That bungee cord will melt in no time!

by jackdh4x0r December 27, 2005
The short bursts of pain one experiences when they need to take a dump or 'crap'. Similar in length and style to contraptions that a women will experience during labour before birth.
Wife: 'Arghh these contraptions are killing me'

Husband: 'I had Indian food yesterday and the toilet's blocked. My concraptions are way worse'
by Mrcrapper November 01, 2010
When you really need to take a dump so much that it feels like you've gone into labour.
Man, I've got concraptions really bad. If I don't go take a dump soon, I'm gonna give birth to a brown brick.
by boyward December 29, 2008

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