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A poorly designed device, often impractical and/or ineffective.
Look at that concraption holding his muffler on. That bungee cord will melt in no time!

by jackdh4x0r December 27, 2005
6 0
The short bursts of pain one experiences when they need to take a dump or 'crap'. Similar in length and style to contraptions that a women will experience during labour before birth.
Wife: 'Arghh these contraptions are killing me'

Husband: 'I had Indian food yesterday and the toilet's blocked. My concraptions are way worse'
by Mrcrapper November 01, 2010
4 1
When you really need to take a dump so much that it feels like you've gone into labour.
Man, I've got concraptions really bad. If I don't go take a dump soon, I'm gonna give birth to a brown brick.
by boyward December 29, 2008
3 3