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Taking time to chill with your male friends, indulging in predominantly male activities like computer games, football, darts, films, usually while drinking beer.
I've been running around after my good lady for months. I'm gonna call the boys and organise a night's mentertainment.
by boyward January 17, 2009
When you really need to take a dump so much that it feels like you've gone into labour.
Man, I've got concraptions really bad. If I don't go take a dump soon, I'm gonna give birth to a brown brick.
by boyward December 29, 2008
A slice of bread with crisps (preferably prawn cocktail) on, topped with two cheese slices, the final piece of bread then microwaved for 20 seconds. Add a firm press as a finishing touch.
I'm starving. I know... I'll have a cheesy special.
by boyward December 10, 2008

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