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Furious Angry Rage (acronym)
1. My FAR will eat your soul
2. Sometimes FAR makes me hard.
3. I FAR'd myself to sleep last night.
4. Got FAR?
#furious #angry #rage #anger #magnificent #feeling #emotion
by StTz October 14, 2011
A term used to emphasize a sentence. Origins of this word is unknown, although some believe it descended from a mythical being know as "Farsdrengen", Superhomos trusty sidekick. This however, has never fully been proven.
"Aw, FARS!"

"Holy fars! You guys rock!"

"What in the fars?!"

"Jump you for fars sake, before I farsing kick you in the hangballs!"
#fars #minced meat #meat #vomit #viking
by Dingler Hangballs May 23, 2007
Abbreviation for 'Fuck and Run' good for using in difficult situations (see example)
If you are with your mates in a pub or club and one of them brings their girl or guy over they have just meet and then they ask 'what do think?. IF both can hear the reply just say 'you'll go far mate!"....then they know what to do?
by Scumbag 1 March 05, 2005
The word that is in every Persian's first or last name.

Farsani, Faraz, Farbod, Farsandnigger, Farnaz, Farhad, etc.
#persian #far #sand #nig #nigger
by RemiC February 28, 2009
The pronunciation of "fire" that is popular and not uncommon in the Midwest (mainly Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio), Pennsylvania, and the South. Derived from the pronunciation of "fire" used by Scot-Irish immigrants and Americans moving west of the Alleghanies, of whom a great number of the people in several of these regions and parts of these states are descended from.
I'm gonna set yer ass on FAR, BITCH!!!
by Ryan May 22, 2005
adjective, commonly used by hendonesque youths as a word for good
shit boy this hoe was bare faaaar blad
by james leese January 09, 2005
a distance of more than one feet (1 ft)
"The bed is too far... it's a good two feet away."
#far #distant #one foot #faraway #immeasurably
by May 20, 2008
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