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Strongbad's computer. Once a spectacle of graphics and sound, but now it is but a broken box with a hole in it.
"It's in a better place now...or rather, it's in the same place, with a big hole in it." -Bubs, after fixing the compy's virus with a shotgun.
by Simkin November 21, 2004
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Strong bads trusty computer
"I give to you the compy 386 a marvel of graphics power"- Strong bad
by The Dickey March 15, 2003
A spectacle of graphics and sound!
Doo doo doo!
by strongbadowns April 05, 2003
(noun) Strong Bad's most favoured software to date, proving superior in both sound and graphics to its outdated counterpart the Tandy 400.
...Behold! A Compy 386! A spectacle of graphics and sound!
by Bigfatnobody October 11, 2003
Strong bads new computer...he got it after his vacation cuz his other computer broke
by John Fru November 02, 2003

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