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what my friend calls his computer when it is broken.
That damned computater broke again!!!!!
by Ben Dover November 19, 2003
5 0
An overclocked potato.
When Johny tried to play a new video game on his computater, it began to smell of burnt fries.
by theoriginaltater November 15, 2007
11 3
A person that spends all of their spare time in front of the computer....for amusement. Updated version of the "Couch Tater"
That girl is such a compu-tater....she sits in front of tat thing all night.....ya can tell too....just look at her ass!
by Humanphibian May 19, 2008
1 0
What my friend Bubba Cools his computer when it is acting up.
That dumb computater froze up on me again!!!
by Food!!!! November 18, 2003
1 2