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An overclocked potato.
When Johny tried to play a new video game on his computater, it began to smell of burnt fries.
#potato #overclocked #computator #computer #puter
by theoriginaltater November 15, 2007
what my friend calls his computer when it is broken.
That damned computater broke again!!!!!
by Ben Dover November 19, 2003
A person that spends all of their spare time in front of the computer....for amusement. Updated version of the "Couch Tater"
That girl is such a compu-tater....she sits in front of tat thing all night.....ya can tell too....just look at her ass!
#couch potato #lazy #online #computer #gamer
by Humanphibian May 19, 2008
What my friend Bubba Cools his computer when it is acting up.
That dumb computater froze up on me again!!!
by Food!!!! November 18, 2003
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