A myth.

No, really, the campaign tool that worked for Bush in 2000. (Of course, he didn't, technically, WIN, but y'know, he came close enough.) But pretty quickly he realized that, with Tom DeLay running Congress and the media busy taping its own mouth over, he didn't have to do the whole "compassionate" bit.
"Gee, I like that compassionate conservatism Bush practiced."
"When was that? When he cut taxes for the rich while emasculating our social programs? When he denied birth control to AIDS-stricken Third World countries? When he killed thousands of innocent people in a meaningless oil-war?"
"Uh... good point."
by MarkusRTK October 16, 2004
Top Definition
A phrase coined by the Republicans for the 2000 presidential election in an effort to divert focus from the fact that in recent history the party had not been known for its compassion. Thus, a camouflage over reality, a diversion of attention from unflattering fact, a ruse, a marketing gimmick to cover up a weakness by asserting that you actually have the strength when you don’t.
“In his Inaugural Address, the President called on Americans to become citizens, not spectators. Since that time the President has used compassionate conservatism as his governing philosophy as the Administration has moved to tackle some of society's toughest assignments, such as educating our children, fighting poverty at home, and helping poor countries around the globe.”
by Bill Garnett July 22, 2004
"Compassionate conservatism" is when a conservative gives you a reach around while fucking you up the ass and stealing all your money to give to his friends in big business.
If you're gonna inflict "compassionate conservatism" on us George, be sure to use some lube.
by Jay Naylor June 25, 2006
Please see stupidity
George W. Bush sure has lots of compassionate conservatism.
by TheEye5000 September 14, 2004
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