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When you and another person send comments back and forth on myspace making it into a conversation.
Me and Kaylee had some pretty sweet commentsations today.
by Andy White November 25, 2007
A conversation with out any purpose, just made out of comments and quotes that are not linked
person one:Those people are on the news today.
person two: My backgarden had a bluetit in yesterday
person one:Oh i bought a new television yesterday.

Thats a commentsation
by David2208 April 13, 2008
The act of having a whole conversation using comments. When two or more people feel it's necessary to use the comment section of a photo or video on Youtube, Facebook or otherwise social network instead of just calling one another or using a chat platform.
-That's a nice picture.
-Thank you! How are things Jason?
-Very well. I recently saw you on grandma's album of photographs kissing the dog.
-Oh yes I remember! How is she?
and so the commentsation continues.
by Imthekey November 03, 2013
Commenting back and forth on Facebook to the point where the comments actually don't make sense anymore.

Can be on a wall post, status update, photo etc.
Alright guys, we are officially done with this commentsation. It doesn't even make sense anymore!
by Vagena S. Harry April 28, 2011
When people have a conversation via comments on Facebook or Myspace. on either they're comment-wall or pictures.
-My Fiancee, her cousin and myself had a dumb commentsation on my fiancee's picture on Facebook that wasnt even relating to the picture.

-I have 64 comments from the same person because we decided to have a commentsation and now everyone can read what we were talking about.
by Wick3dR3n3gad3 December 05, 2009
A conversation on Facebook communicated completely through comments on a status, post, photo, etc.
(Friend receiving hundreds of notifications about a status he liked an hour ago)

Anthony: This is the dumbest comment-sation ever.
by Ethan and Anthony NJ October 28, 2011
comment-say-shun, Noun, To have a conversation via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc in the comment area. Usually results in useless notifications to people not taking part in the commentsation.
Hey, maybe this commentsation was a bad idea...
by Googleyes545354378 November 18, 2009
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