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The Constitutional military rank of the President of the United States.
The highest rank in the United States military.
Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman were both commander-in-chiefs during World War II.
by Nicolaivich January 18, 2004
1. n. A self-masturbatory term President Bush uses to reassure himself of his own superiority.

2. n. A term President Bush uses when he is asked a question he does not know the answer to.

Q: "Mr. Bush, do you take advice from your father?"
Bush: "I'm the commander-in-chief!"

Q: "Mr. Bush, why, again, did we invade Iraq?"
Bush: "I'm the commander-in-chief!"
by January 20th, 2009 December 06, 2006
When you bang a girl while smoking a blunt, and railing her from top. While you're "cheefing," you're commanding the position on top of her.
"Yo, i was so horny, but wanted to cheef....so I propositioned the 'commander in chief' and she was totally into it."
"Right on!"
by Dylan, Andy February 06, 2010